Colbi & Hunter

Darlyn was an amazing doula. We were very blessed to have her on our team during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Darlyn made herself readily available to us for any questions or concerns we had at any time. She lent a listening ear and gave great advice. She was also very knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I felt comfortable asking her any question and I knew she’d have a great answer for me.  I was especially grateful for her during my birth experience. Darlyn was extremely prepared and willing to help out in any way I needed. Specifically, she helped support me with pain management techniques that helped me relax and cope with the pain of contractions. My goal during birth was to see how long I could go without an epidural and she helped me go much further than I would’ve been able to on my own! I felt incredibly empowered and strong. After birth, Darlyn regularly checked in on my husband and I to see how we were doing emotionally and if we needed anything at all. She still checks in on us to this day, 10 months later. She was an incredible doula, and if we have another child we will definitely be choosing Darlyn as our doula again.

Ali & Jake

Darlyn was an amazing resource for us as we prepared to bring home our baby girl. She listened well to what we wanted and offered her knowledge and support throughout the whole process. It was really helpful to have someone walk us through what we could expect in the midst of so many unknowns. When labor started, it was great to have someone we could reach out to with questions and then to have additional support once we went to the hospital. My labor and delivery went so smoothly and I felt so empowered and supported, and Darlyn helped make that possible. - Ali

It’s great to have a resource to help us throughout the whole pregnancy and birthing process. Darlyn was great to have there with us so I could be present in the moment rather than having to worry about all the details at each turn. - Jake

Tina & Anthony

"Darlyn was the best doula I could of asked for. From the beginning she was very attentive and answered my questions. She came out to my house for both of my 2 visits and it never felt rushed. She listened to what I wanted for my natural birth and I felt confident that she was going to help me achieve it. The day that my baby came my water broke that morning and I called her to give her a heads up. She messaged me throughout the day to see how things were progressing. Giving me ideas on how to get things going a little faster because my contractions kept stalling. Once they picked up I messaged her telling her that I was heading to the hospital. I live an hour away from her and she made perfect timing. My contractions were strong and intense and Darlyn helped me IMMENSELY with pressure to my back. I don't think I would of made it through my contractions without her. She held me up while I birthed my daughter from a half sitting up position on the side of the bed. While speaking words of encouragement. She stayed by my side from the moment she walked into that hospital room until everything was fine with me health wise. I highly recommend Darlyn." -Tina

Ted'Dee & Michael

"I did a lot of research on my own but as a first time mom it kind of seemed like no matter how much I read there were things that I just wouldn’t be prepared for. Darlyn definitely helped ease my fears with a lot of things and I deeply appreciate the knowledge that She was able to provide. especially when it came to decisions that needed to be made in the delivery room. Having a doula was not something that I considered necessary but after having this experience with her I can honestly say that it is a must. She helps you to feel empowered and confident in your choices. It’s also important to add that she continued to check up on us after baby was born, it showed to me that she really cares about this service she is providing." -Ted'Dee

“Darlyn was able to provide me with what I needed to help Ted'Dee through labor and taught me how to really support her during the contractions. The hands on demonstrations were great. She also told us a lot about breastfeeding which ultimately swayed my decision away from formula.” -Michael