Loss Doulas

Bereavement doulas provide similar care as birth and postpartum doulas do by providing physical, emotional, and informational supports to families. The biggest difference is they are supporting families who have or are experiencing loss in the form of miscarriage, still birth, or cases where baby won't survive long after birth.

This is where the supports become very individualized. During miscarriage the doula can prepare the families with what they may expect and what their options are. Bereavement doulas may also join the parents at doctors appointments, be with them in the hospital or home while laboring to help them prepare to meet baby. Afterwards they can help with bonding, processing grief, and walk through options for the disposition for baby's body.

For still birth the supports are similar. There maybe more options available to help with memories, mementos and burial for babies that have pass at a further gestation.  Some hospitals or facilities may have a CuddleCot or CuddleBlanket that helps extend the time family's have with their baby by preserving their appearance, condition and dignity. These are all services that bereavement doulas can help provide as well as photos, foot prints, and resources.

When baby isn't expected to survive long after birth, bereavement doulas are able to help explain what that may look like. If baby spends some time in the NICU they can help them look past all the tubes, alarms, and equipment. Encourage them to spend time with baby, help provide cares and advocate for their child. 

A lot of times bereavement doulas don't put a timeline on the care they provide because grief is a life long process. While most providers have their own follow up protocols many fissile out after a while. Bereavement doulas will be there to listen and provide resources for a life time.